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If you’re operating a business in Orange County, California, you’re undoubtedly benefiting from the hustle and bustle of this busy area. With this being the third most populated county in the USA, it comes as no surprise that it’s a sought-after location for both start-up- and new businesses. Let’s not forget that Orange County is buzzing with tourists too as it plays host to top attractions including Disneyland, over 64km of popular beaches and Knott’s Berry Farm. There is much to see and do here and if you’re just starting up your business in the area, you’ve come to the right place. Unfortunately, services can be expensive in California which means that you may not find hiring full-time staff affordable. This is where our professional telephone answering services can make all the difference. With one of our bilingual agents answering your incoming business calls (in English or Spanish), you can spend your time being productive and raking in the profits. There is a wealth of business opportunities in Orange County and by selecting one of our answering service options, you can expect your business to prosper and grow exponentially.

Below is a list of the professional telephone answering services that we offer in Orange County, CA:

1. Telephone Answering Services

Never miss a call again with our 24-hour telephone answering service. Now you can connect with your customers at any time. Our telephone answering service includes the answering of all phone calls, voice-mail assisted answering, scheduling and confirming of meetings and bookings, emergency product dispatch, and generating leads. Messages taken or appointments set-up will be forwarded via email, text, telephone or SMS.

2. Hire a Virtual Telephone Receptionist for Your Orange County Business

Maintaining a professional company image requires you not only to be available, but also to furnish invaluable assistance and support when needed by your customers. Hiring a full-time employee to handle this may not be financially viable, but our virtual telephone receptionist services most certainly are. When opting for a virtual telephone receptionist, we will ensure that you are given a unique business number. Our service agents will familiarize themselves with your products and company details. Your customers will never know that they interacted with an outsourced telephone answering service. We offer this service on a 24/7 basis and have both English & Spanish operators available.

3. Get Virtual Answering Services for Your Orange County CA Business

Often commitments require you to be away from your desk –calling on clients for instance. For many small- or start-up businesses, this means that the telephone lines are neglected. Unanswered calls are viewed negatively by consumers and can result in many missed sales. Furthermore, many customers dislike leaving a voice-mail message and waiting on a response. With our virtual answering services in Orange County, you can rest assured that your business calls will be answered, 24/7. Messages will be taken, appointments scheduled, and details sent to you via email, telephone, fax or SMS. We have bilingual agents available who can answer calls in Spanish and English. Our agents will also familiarize themselves with your business information so that they can better assist customers. Don’t risk losing valuable business due to unanswered calls. Save money whilst maintaining a professional reputation by opting for our virtual telephone answering service today.

4. Outsourced Answering Services Available in Orange County

Outsourced answering services for your Orange County, CA, business can make all the difference to both your productivity and bottom line. Hiring employees to man the telephones are often not viable, especially for the small business owner. By outsourcing your telephone answering to a virtual receptionist, you can benefit from the efficiency of having every call answered promptly on a 24/7 basis without incurring the expenditure of a full-time employee. Professional, skilled and well-spoken bilingual agents can assist your customers with leaving a message, gathering further information, and placing orders.

5. Orange County Small Business Phone Services

If incoming calls are distracting you from carrying out pressing business tasks, it’s time to consider acquiring small business phone services for your Orange County, CA business. If your business is starting to grow and you find that you have your hands full, outsourcing your telephone answering can help you get back on top of things, while our professional bilingual agents deal with your customers telephonically. Our telephone answering service will alleviate a great deal of the stress and responsibility – we can answer all incoming calls 24/7/365, record messages, help customers place orders, confirm bookings and more. How we share the correspondence with you is up to you: opt for SMS, telephone, email or fax. If a message is urgent, we will contact you immediately. Our small business phone services can make all the difference.

6. After Hours Answering Services for Businesses in Orange County, CA

If you want to keep up with the competitive market in Orange County, CA, customer service must be a top priority for your business. This can be hard if you are trying to handle incoming phone calls while managing orders, bookings, and other pressing business tasks. It can be even more difficult if your customers are trying to reach you after hours. By providing your customers with 24-hour access to information and services, you can boost your customer service satisfaction levels. Our after-hours answering service is designed to help you do just that. We have English and Spanish speaking agents available to answer your incoming calls, place orders, and book appointments at all hours of the day or night. Whether your clients are locally or internationally based, you will never have to miss a call again.

Industries Served by Sunshine Communication Services, Inc

The Sunshine Communication Services, Inc packages are used by many industries – we provide professional telephone answering services to the following in California:

Sunshine Communication Services, Inc Providers Top Quality Professional Telephone Answering Services in Orange County, CA

At Sunshine Communication Services Inc., we understand that it’s important for you to cater to the needs of your customers. We also understand that your business is unique and as such, it demands a specialized answering service designed and implemented specifically for it. Our professional telephone answering services available in California will help you to focus on other core aspects of the business without having to worry about missing calls.

If you would like to learn more about how we can assist you, simply contact us via email or phone us at Sunshine Communication Services Inc., today.

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