5 questions to ask when comparing HVAC answering services

If you’re running a busy HVAC business you’re probably well aware that HVAC disasters don’t always strike during business hours. While HVAC systems require general maintenance and repairs, there are also highly stressful, emergency situations where your customers will want to get in touch with you and acquire your assistance without delay. For your HVAC business, handling calls efficiently and immediately is essential to your customer retention. Of course you can’t always be available to take every call and this is where a live answering service can be useful.

Your biggest task will be finding an HVAC answering service that meets with your specific needs and requirements. Here are five questions you should ask when comparing HVAC answering services:

  • Is the answering service available after hours? Ideally, you want an answering service to be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Are the service hours flexible and will this affect the rate? You need an answering service that works according to your schedule and you should only be charged for those hours. For instance, if you need calls managed after hours or between particular hours, your answering service should be flexible enough to fit in with this.
  • Do the consultants / receptionists have an understanding of the HVAC industry? It is important that your answering service receptionist has knowledge of the industry and is also willing to learn about your business so that they can provide clients with basic information and answer simple questions.
  • Is anything else included in the service or does the operator simply answer the phone and take a message? Ideally speaking, you will benefit more form an answering service that offers to generate leads, close sales and set up appointments with your existing schedule in mind.
  • How is data conveyed to your business? Your answering service will ensure that your messages are all forwarded to you via email, telephone or as otherwise elected by you.

24 Hour telephone answering service for HVAC companies – Get a quote from Sunshine Communication Services, Inc.

At Sunshine Communication Services, Inc. we are able to provide a 24 hour answering service for HVAC businesses. Our answering service is available in English and Spanish and our consultants will familiarize themselves with your business and services in order to provide your customers with a truly helpful answering service.

We can customize an answering service to suit your needs and business schedule – just let us know what your requirements and instructions are. Need more information and advice? Contact us at Sunshine Communication Services, Inc. today.

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